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Email marketing needs good email design

Are you a company in Bristol that’s looking for the Best HTML Email Design to promote your Email Marketing Campaign?

Mail Mammoth is a Bristol email design agency specialising in HTML email design for businesses of all sizes. Our office is in Farrington Gurney which is just a 45 minute drive out of Bristol.

We’ve been creating some of the best html email templates for businesses of all sizes for over 8 years. These include start-ups and established brands in the Bristol area. Our feedback has been great with people raving about how we make some of the best email designs they’re ever seen.

We’ve been hired by local Bristol businesses to design all sorts of emails to suit all budgets.

From a basic html email template to the best html email templates. We can do it all and as we have plenty of experience. We know all of the best practice email design standards like the back of our hand. We’ve got all the best practice email marketing rules covered too.

A small selection of HTML email designs made for Bristol companies

Effective Email Marketing

Bristol companies who have hired us to design emails for them have seen an increase in customers, an increase in brand awareness and perhaps most importantly an increase in profits after they’ve used one of our html email designs.

When done correctly, advertising by email is still one of the best forms of marketing and email marketing can be cheaper than you think!

Bristol isn’t one of the cheapest places to advertise but with good email marketing and some of the best html email templates, your business can reach a global audience. Don’t limit yourself to targeting only people based in Bristol, or even the UK.

Email Design Experience

With years of experience of designing effective html emails, we know exactly what’s required for effective b2b email marketing. This is why we’ve been labelled one of the best email design agencies in the South West! 

Don’t just take our word for it. Look through the portfolio of our best email designs and see the brands we’ve created html email templates for.

Does it really matter?

While plain text email promises near-100% deliverability, most studies show that emails with images have a higher click rate than plain text emails.

Also, HTML email design is better for branding. An HTML email can incorporate all the visual elements of your brand and products, while a plain text email is limited to only words.

Emails with images have a higher click rate than plain text emails.

Get in touch

So if you have a company in or around Bristol or the South West that could benefit from some of the best email designs in the UK then get in touch with us via our contact page,

We’d love to have a chat with you about designing you an email to go alongside your email marketing.

If you’re looking for any creative work that’s more than email design, then why not check out Love Creative UK as they do Web Design and Web Development.

Mammoth Benefits

With age comes wisdom, and having served tons of customers, we have plenty of insights into what makes a great bespoke email.

Hassle Free

We’re great at interpreting briefs, which means we can get on with designing your email campaign without asking loads of questions.

Speedy Turnaround

Because we do this everyday, we know what makes up a great email campaign, so our turnaround time is hard to beat!

Professional Results

With over 9 million years* of designing and building emails, you know you’re going to receive a great email!

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