No More Spam Complaints!


Is your email reputation getting a knock by spam complaints?

Email marketers see that spam button as an evil piece of work that wrecks their email reputation as they watch on powerless. And wile it is true that spam complaints can have a detrimental effect on your reputation, there is nothing you can do. So do you want to stop those spam complaint points from going up?

Well here are four tips to reduce those spam complaints:

Get the right opt-ins
The main reason recipients of your wonderfully designed email mark it as spam is because they consider your email to be well… spam. It doesn’t matter if your email is asked for or not, if the recipient believes it to be spam your spam complaints will increase.

It is key when gathering opt-ins that all the email addresses provided actually belong to the person who is signing up for the emails. Using a double opt-in system; where you ask them to confirm their subscription through a link in an email; enables you to there was no human typo errors or someone is signing up using an email address that doesn’t belong to them.

Make sure you avoid surprises! It is important that you make it clear what people are signing up for. Make sure they know what kind of information they will be receiving as well as how often you will emailing. You may lose some opt-ins using this method but it isn’t the end of the world. You are better off having 1 person signing up this way rathe than having 10 people increasing your spam complaints.

Make yourself known


A common reason for an email to end up in the spam folder is because they don’t recognise the sender. Always make it clear to your readers who you are. Just using an email address is a big no no.

Don’t use, rather go for Your Business if you don’t want your spam complaints to go up.

Also be clear on your content of your email. Use your email subject box to your advantage. Here is where you get the user to open the email and read your invaluable information but the hard bit getting them to read it. Be clever and witty. A human feel will make a user want to open the email.

Don’t hide the unsubscribe button


Hiding the unsubscribe button in the small print might at first sound like a really good idea but in actual fact it is a very bad idea. It is the only thing that is worse than not including an unsubscribe button.

If the recipient of your email can’t find an unsubscribe button they will just send it to the spam folder and your spam complaints will only rise!

No-reply email addresses are a big no no
Not everyone will take the time to look for the opt-out link in your email and they would rather just send you an email saying they no longer want to receive your email.

But if it isn’t possible for them to reply to you as your email address includes no reply or their emails start to bounce, don’t expect them to start looking for that unsubscribe button. They will just hit that spam button and that is worse for your spam complaints since you are better off just having them unsubscribe.