Key Tips for Mobile Emails


Emails are an important part of a business, so it is key to get your design right! There was a time when every email was just read on a desktop but in todays modern society and the arrival of many smartphones, reading your email on a desktop is a thing of the past.

It is very important that you now design your emails for the much smaller screen of the everyday smartphone. Here are a list of many tried-and-tested tips for mobile email design to apply to all devices:

  • Design for small screens – the average phone screen is small.
  • Reserve the top for Call to Actions and important content – put banners elsewhere.
  • Logotypes are important – but not needed, so don’t put them in the header.
  • Go easy on images – don’t use them for critical links or content as more often than not they fail to load.
  • Alt-texts are vital – they prevent confusion and support disabled users. However, not all email clients display alt-texts, so think before using images.
  • Social media links can help – just keep them out of the way for more important CTAs.

Take these points into consideration when designing your mobile email and you’ll have an email which will be designed for the mobile user. In actual fact, using this method will also help your desktop design as it will help you produce a clear and simple email that all users will be able to use easily.


Below are some more tips to optimise your mobile email. These tips will help your email produce better results for your business wherever the user is:

  • Include a plain text version. Including a plain text version with every HTML email you send, you offer an alternative. This is important for old mobile phones and makes life easier for disabled users.
  • Summarise in the subject line. Use this space to give recipients an idea of your message. Make the subject interesting to avoid the tap-to-junk reflex.
  • The copy has it. Putting key points and links at the top of the email has never been more crucial. Make sure the copy is sharp and concise. Quick tweaks, such as editing a few lines of the content, can make a difference.
  • Don’t crowd your links. Give the user space to tap. Using a menu should not let the user tap the part.

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